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I am an administrator of the following facebook page. You are invited to ask to join our support group.


Loved Baby: Christian Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss Support for Women – an online community where you can talk, vent and share experiences, grieve, receive & give encouragement and ask questions to other women about miscarriage & pregnancy loss. This is a safe, non-judgemental, peaceful place for support and understanding.

Local Support Group:

Ryan’s Place “Invisibles” – a local support group specific for pregnancy loss. Ryan’s Place is a grief support center in Goshen, Indiana that provides a safe place for children & their families to go through the grieving process of the death of a loved one.

Contact Lourenne Hamlinm
Office number – 574-535-1000
Email address – www.lhamlin@ryansplace.org
About the Name:

Over prayerful consideration the words "Fervent Hope" were given to me. Fervent meaning "to burn" or, it can mean "stretched out". Hope meaning "to trust in", "to wait for", "to expect something beneficial in the future". Those words together explained the spiritual journey I walked while growing through the pain and grief of miscarriages. It was a burning desire, stretched out over many years of trusting and waiting on God, through the Holy Spirit, to bring healing to my life and reveal His vision of giving a voice to our losses and bringing acknowledgment to the passing of our babies. I believe many of you endure this same fervent hope.

I am a wife and mom who had three babies born in Heaven and one Rainbow baby born to raise here on earth. It is a passion of mine, to ensure other mother’s suffering the loss of their babies, have someone to engage with and to provide resources that help in the healing process. Fervent prayer and Hope brought me out of those dark places, into the light of God’s grace. I am available for you by phone, text, email or to meet with you face to face.

Lynda Salisbury

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